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Terms of reservation

Terms of reservation

General terms and conditions and reservation conditions of the travel agency Traveler

The travel agency signs contracts directly with the owners of the rental properties, and provides guests with services of the highest standard. All properties for rent have been personally inspected by the agency's owners and have valid rental licenses issued by the government authorities.

The owner of the villa is responsible for providing accurate information about the property, and the travel agency is not liable for any incorrect information.

Rental agreement with the travel agency traveler as the intermediary will close directly with the owners of the rental properties. Traveler acts here as an agent agent only.

The contract was written in Croatian and later translated into German and English. In the case of a misinterpretation of the translation, the original Croatian text is authoritative.

The District Court of Krk shall be the competent court of jurisdiction for all disputes.

By paying the deposit you accept the terms of the rental agreement. The lease is published on the pages of the travel agency Traveler (


To confirm a reservation, it is necessary to transfer the deposit of 30% ( by bank transfer or credit card ) from the price to the account of the agency, which closes the contract between the owner of the property and the guest with the travel agency Traveler as the agent.
As soon as the deposit of 30% of the rent is credited to our account, the reservation is guaranteed and the contract is considered concluded.

The customer is obliged to pay the remaining 70 % of the rental price within 14 or 30 days before the arrival ( it depends on the choice of villa), unless otherwise agreed. The owners of the rental property can allow guests to pay the balance on arrival in the rental property. Please note that the balance can only be paid in cash.

In the event that the payment is not received within the specified time, 5 days from booking conformation,  we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and the travel agency may conclude a rental agreement with other guests.


If you have a problem whilst at your booked villa, please bring it to the attention of our local representative/agent/villa owner so that they have an opportunity to put it right at the time. If no representative/agent/villa owner is available in that area, please contact our Croatian office direct. Failure to alert us of any problem whilst you are in the villa will lead to a rejection of your complaint by our office.

If your complaint cannot be completely resolve locally, you must inform our local representative/agent/villa owner and follow this up within 10 days of returning home by writing to our customer services manager giving full details of your complaint and we will pass your comments onto the villa owner. In all cases we will try and settle the matter amicably. If you fail to notify us within 10 days of your return, we reserve the right to reject any claim as it may be, by then, difficult for us to investigate the complaint.

If you vacate the property before you notifying our local representatives you will lose the right to compensation.


In the event of a cancellation You can cancel your reservation 60 days before your arrival and in this case You will be charged for the amount of 30% of rental price.

In the event of a cancellation enchanted by the Covid-19 pandemic, other conditions apply, please inform directly at the agency.

It is  strong recommended to take out private insurance . The travel agency Traveler undertakes to forward all necessary documents to the insurance company with which the customer has concluded a contract.

Subsequent changes in the choice of the villa are unfortunately not possible, because the travel agency  Traveler as the intermediary has concluded a contract with the owners (natural persons). An invoice for commission is therefore already spent, the fee paid and the money sent to the landlord.

If the object is not rented due to an emergency or a natural catastrophe (floods, fires, earthquakes, war, border closure, general epidemic, etc.), travel agency Traveler and the owners are not responsible for the situation.

The number of guests in the booking confirmation may not be greater than the number of people for whom the reservation was booked at check-in.

On the day of departure, the guest is obliged to hand over the object in the same state as it was received. Furthermore, the guest must behave responsibly for the whole time of the stay and treat the property as if it were his own property. The guest is liable for all damages incurred and must clarify them directly with the owner. The damage incurred can be deducted from the deposit which the guest pays to the landlord upon arrival in the villa.

The amount of the deposit is for each villa and is 500 euros.

The owner is obliged to reimburse this deposit on the day of departure as long as no damage has occurred and if the object is left in the same condition as it was found.

All misunderstandings are arranged directly between the guest and the owner, without arranging travel agency Traveler.

If you hear the sounds of the construction near Villa, or the noise generated by the work of the nearby restaurants, transportation, etc., neither the owner or the travel agency traveler is liable for such circumstances.

Guests must follow the instructions regarding the responsible use of the pool, as determined by the owner and travel agency Traveler. Guests use the pool at their own risk and children must be under constant supervision.

In the event that guests generate noise in the building, disrupt public peace and order,  ignore the  owner or villas manager warnings, the contract will be terminated immediately and guests will have to leave the property without the possibility of a refund.

This contract will enter into force as soon as payment has been received for the booking and upon completion of the rental contract between the customer and the owner of the rental property with the travel agency Traveler as the agent.

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