Holiday villas in Istria

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Bathrooms: 4
Area: 400 m22
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Bathrooms: 4
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Bathrooms: 4
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Bathrooms: 4
Area: 330 m22

Holiday villas in Istria

Choose one of the luxury holiday villas in Istria, dive into a magical blend of beautiful landscapes and centuries-old tradition – get to know Terra Magica.

 Holiday villas in Istria – discover Istria's beautiful coast

Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula, is situated between Italy and the Kvarner Bay. Offering some of the most beautiful luxury holiday villas, Istria's enchanting beauty has always attracted visitors returning year after year. Captivating  landscapes, folk customs, traditions, and excellent rustic cuisine are a real draw for tourists  visiting this part of Croatia. With a wealth of cultural monuments dating back to the ancient Romans, Istria invites visitors to immerse themselves into a unique mix of historical heritage and modern civilization. Whether you rent a holiday villa in one of Istria's coastal towns, such as Pula, Rovinj or Poreč, or choose an inland villa with a swimming pool, there are countless possibilities for exploration.

Situated in the centre of the region, Pula, with its three-thousand year history, is truly the pearl of the Istrian peninsula. Every step uncovers traces of bygone times, but the highlight of your tour will be the magnificient amphitheater, a symbol of the city of Pula. The amphitheater dates back to the 1st century, its monumental beauty defying the ravages of time.  Today it is host to the Pula Film Festival, as well as numerous concerts and operas.  Other must-sees are the Temple of Augustus, the Archaeological Museum, Double Gate (Porta Gemina), the Forum, Golden Gate, and Zerostrasse - Pula's maze of underground tunnels.  Your holiday villa in Istria is the ideal starting point for exploring this beautiful city.

If you opt to rent a holiday villa by the sea,  Rovinj and Poreč are ideal destinations. The most famous attraction in Poreč is the 6th century Euphrasian Basilica.  Just a few minutes from Poreč by boat is the island of Sv. Nikola, where you can enjoy  beautiful beaches.

Highly recommended is a visit to the island of Brijuni, well known for its lush Mediterranean vegetation and safari park. Lovers of active vacations will enjoy touring the island by bicycle.

 Holiday villas in Istria – delight in  romantic towns of  the Istrian hinterland

Beautiful holiday villas in picturesque towns that each have a story to tell.  Fairy tale landscapes, combined with centuries-old tradition and taverns serving rustic home-cooked dishes make every guest feel at home.  Some Istrian holiday villas are built in traditional style, while others are true examples of modern architecture.  What connects them is that each  villa provides the ultimate in luxury and privacy, thus ensuring a carefree vacation in Croatia with  family and friends.

An attraction not to be skipped is the town of Hum, the smallest city in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records . It is equally known for its Glagolitic Alley, a string of stone monuments, commemorating the Croatian Glagolitic alphabet.

,  known as the city of artists because of its numerous galleries, and the monumental hilltop town of Motovun, known for its summer Motovun Film Festival, are destinations not to be left out of your tour.

In areas surrounding these and other Istrian towns,  you can enjoy agritourism facilities and sample domestic olive oil, cheese and exceptional Istrian wines.  All holiday villas in Istria come with modern and functionally outfitted kitchens that just might inspire you to test your culinary skills and prepare some of the local delicacies.

10 things you to plan once you've booked your holiday villa in Istria:

- visit the amphitheater in Pula

- enjoy the Dinosaur Park (17 life size dinosaurs)

- explore the Brijuni islands 

- cruise along the Istrian coast and visit the towns of Poreč and Rovinj

- dance the night away at fishing festivals

- try local specialties (traditional Istrian pasta - fuži with truffles, Istrian prosciutto, asparagus omelette called fritaja)

- enjoy Istrian wines (Malvasia and Teran)

- go truffle hunting

- explore Istria’s hidden beaches

- visit the sandy beach in Medulin

- cycle and get to know Istria on two wheels 

 To begin your adventure now, book your holiday villa in Istria and spend your vacation in Croatia.  It will be a source of cherished memories, and an inspiration for future journeys!

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