Holiday villas in Krk

Luxury and modern villa with pool, nice yard


6 reviews

Beds: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Area: 250 m22
House with pool, 50 meters from sea


1 reviews

Beds: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Area: 83 m22
Romantic stone villa with pool, 700 m from the beach


4 reviews

Beds: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Area: 130 m22

Holiday villas in Krk

Privately owned holiday villas in Krk are the best way, even though you are far from home, to make you feel at home whether you are spending your vacation exploring the island heritage or just relax by the pool of your luxury villa.




Imagine you can reach your luxury holiday villa on the island of Krk in just a few hours by car from Germany, Slovenia or Austria without using a ferry. Now just enter "Krk" into your navigation system and your wish will come true. Excellent roads lead you from the mainland over the famous 1430-meter long Krk Bridge, which in itself is a landmark of technology, to your dream vacation. The island of Krk cuts the 45th parallel and is halfway between the equator and the North Pole, which makes the Krk summers long and warm and the winters relatively mild (be sure to take a photo next to the sign that marks the 45th parallel) . With seven cities and numerous villages on the geographically, linguistically, and culturally diverse island, Krk will temp the spirit of exploration and curiosity of visitors. Your luxurious holiday villa on the island of Krk will become the starting point for daily excursions to explore the cultural and natural beauties of the island.


Indispensable sights for history lovers are the Fulfinum in Omišalj (with monumental remains of the basilica from the 5th century), Kamplin Square in Krk, adorned with the Frankopan Castle, and the complex of the Assumption Cathedral, Jurandvor, where the Glagolitic letter language  was found on a Baška slab stone, or Vrničko polje, where the famous variety of white grapes grows - žlahtina - but for those who really want to immerse themselves in the Krk way of life, it is definitely worth exploring the interior of the island , since towns and villages are an attraction in themselves and between them you will find an oasis for your holiday villa on Krk with private pool. Places intertwined with the typical island architecture, characterized by the use of local stones and massive wooden windows with blue, green or brown shutters, the islanders decided to preserve and added modern and luxurious notes to the local architecture. In recent years they have renovated old houses, enriched them with swimming pools and built new holiday villas on Krk that perfectly complement the traditional island architecture.


When planning a vacation, the key factor in the quality of the vacation is choosing the right accommodation. Lately, when more and more people are giving up bus tours, large hotels, and mass tourism in search of an authentic and personal experience, it is necessary to find the perfect accommodation - a base from which you get to explore the destination, but also treat yourself to a little luxury in one of the selected holiday villas on Krk from our wide range. Numerous Krk villages that are not normally to be found in travel guides and are real little hidden gems for a vacation in style. Holiday villas in Krk on private, quiet plots across the island are the best way to feel at home away from home, whether you want to explore the island's cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage and / or relax by the pool .

In some of our holiday villas on Krk you will find charming details that evoke the spirit of bygone times, while some of the villas are real modern beauties and represent a real little masterpiece of modern architecture. All holiday villas on Krk have in common that each of them offers everything you need for a perfect vacation with your family and friends.

Explore the interior of the island rich in lush oak forests, stroll through the olive groves around Punat, admire the bare rocky southern part of Krk, or visit charming seaside spots. No matter whether you want to spend the day on the longest island beach of Baška (2 km long!), Explore cultural assets (take a short boat trip to the island of Košljun) or take a walk on numerous paths with a beautiful view, a perfectly decorated holiday villa on Krk by the sea or in the interior style of the island is a great choice for a perfect vacation.

How do I book a holiday villa on Krk?

Holiday villa on Krk is easy to book through our travel agency Traveler. Our agency has many years of experience, works directly and without intermediaries with all the owners of available holiday villas on Krk and will answer all your questions and requests as soon as possible if there is anything else that might need or interest you.

In which part of the island should you choose a holiday villa on Krk?

If you want to enjoy a fantastic view of the sea and be close to all tourist attractions, we offer holiday villas on Krk that are close by or right next to the beaches. In romantic places in the heartland of the island you can enjoy the beautiful nature and complete relaxation in one of our luxurious holiday villas with pool on Krk. Whichever option you choose, we are sure you will not go wrong and that your vacation will be an unforgettable vacation!

What is there to do after renting one of the holiday villas on Krk?

- Visit the town of Vrbnik with the narrowest street in the world, the 50 cm wide Klančić Street.

- Visit local wineries and vineyards and taste the most famous wine of the island of Krk - žlahtina.

- Swim the lunar promenade on the largest island beach in Baška, which irresistibly resembles the moon with its surroundings.

- Dance to the sound of the sopila, a traditional wind instrument on the island of Krk.

- Awaken your adventurous spirit and go down the "zip line" 80 km per hour.

- Try traditional island cuisine, Krk cheese and ham, Krk lamb, šurlice with goulash and Presnac.

- Discover the Roman heritage woven into every part of the island of Krk.

- Spread around Soline Bay with healing mud (at least that's what the urban legend says) and take walk on a 100-meter shallow shoal.

- Visit one of the many local fishing festivals.

- Enjoy a fishing boat ride and swim in hidden coves.

- Take a walk through the old walls of Krk.

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